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No trigger behind quitting show: Saumya

- Rishabh Suri ■ rishabh.suri@htlive.com

Actor Saumya Tandon sprung a shock on her fans, when she recently announced that she’s quitting Bhabhi Ji Ghar par Hain! – a show she has been a part of for the last five years. While many wondered if the decision had to do with some other offers in hand, the actor tells us that she’s just going with the flow.

“I haven’t signed anything, and honestly, I am going to be picking and choosing carefully. I don’t have the incessant need to be seen on television every day. I have the desire to really do something good and worthwhile, and I hope I get it. There’s a lot of work around, but I will be choosy,” she shares.

Putting all speculatio­ns to rest, Tandon, 35, clarifies that there’s no other reason to her decision, than wanting to explore new avenues. She says, “Binaifer Kohli (show producer) has been very supportive. I had confided in her about this decision, and she’s been lovely throughout. I have a great relationsh­ip with my network too. There is absolutely no controvers­y, no malice, no trigger that everybody is looking for. It’s a well thought of decision.”

While she’s certainly going to miss being on the set of this show, Tandon says she had mentally prepared herself about leaving it. “I was personally pre-meditating since a while. I am going to definitely miss everybody a lot. We’ve seen each other go through ups and downs. A very beautiful journey has come to an end, for a beautiful beginning,” the actor signs off.


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