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Even as everything looked hunky dory in the beginning of 2021, it took a tumble yet again when the second wave of pandemic hit. However, in the short span of time when cinemas were open, Arjun Kapoor’s Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar managed to get a theatrical release.

And now that the film has made its way to OTT, it’s being rediscover­ed in a whole new way.

“I’m just happy the film is getting the love and acclaim it deserves. It’s a hidden gem. It couldn’t connect with people in theatres for various reasons, but the platform has made it possible for the film to reach so many audiences,” says Kapoor, confessing that Sandeep Aur... wasn’t a film which was easy to commit to as an actor.

“You really realise in retrospect, whether it’s the climax or body language or the work that I put into my character,” he adds.

Given the situation when theatres continue to remain shut, Kapoor believes that going forward also, adapting to circumstan­ces is going to be the key. “You can’t be living in denial. You need to have an open mind and accept the uniqueness of the situation we’re in. And perhaps, it’ll continue for another three to six months. We’re relearning our audiences in theatres, and at the same time, we do know there’s an audience on the OTT, too,” notes the actor, who turns 36 today.

Kapoor asserts that as actors and entertaine­rs, producers, directors and artistes, eventually what one craves for is the “consumptio­n of our material that we provide.” And that’s why, with yet another recent OTT release, Sardar Ka Grandson, he says the medium no longer makes a difference. “Instead of being against it, why can’t we be collaborat­ive and say films should work on both platforms? At the end of the day, the aim is to entertain, the platform — whether TV, OTT or theatres — shouldn’t be a concern. Our job is to get people to watch our work. The last one year has brought more understand­ing and acceptance of OTT platforms, so why don’t we use that to tell stories that need to be told?” he stresses.

However, Kapoor maintains that cinemas will not lose their sheen. “Of course theatres remain prime. It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world to be put on that big screen and watch yourself. It’s amazing to get into the magical world of the cinemas,” he adds.


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