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She feels while actors can stay at home for a while, light boys and spot boys can’t

- Rishabh Suri rishabh.suri@htlive.com

The second Covid wave again threw things into a tizzy, and it is only now that shoots have resumed and actors are back to work. However, if someone tests positive for Covid on set, the shoot gets stalled immediatel­y, and the worst affected in such a case are daily wage workers, who severely depend on every single day of a shoot.

Actor Sunny Leone feels for daily wage earners in the industry, and her heart goes out to them. According to her, while actors can still manage to sail through for some time without any financial hiccups, these people can’t.

“I think for actors and entertaine­rs out there we might be okay not working for a month or so Yes, it will hit us hard, but what concerns me the most is the condition of spot boys and light boys. The person who gives me a cheer every single day, wishes me good morning, that guy has to pay and provide for his family too,” she adds.

Technician­s, hair and makeup people, they all fall under this category, and everything for them depends on shoots going on, artistes working.

Leone, who also joined hands with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to provide 10,000 meal to migrant workers in Delhi, further explains, “They don’t get a lump sum on pay day. They are the people who make this industry what it is. We might be able to afford sitting at home for a while but they can’t. All those who really work hard, can’t. And that upsets me the most.”


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