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Six shots of life

DREAMS DO COME TRUE We’re back to spreading positivity and chasing away the gloom. Our editor picks shots of life that bring a smile A BEAUTIFUL RESCUE MISSION CREATING MEANINGFUL ART Sharad Kelkar shares how he overcame his apprehensi­on of getting back

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In a dramatic rescue operation, Orange County firefighte­rs shared how they airlifted a horse to safety after it had got stuck on its back, wedged between pieces of concrete. With the horse sedated, the technical rescue firefighte­rs used a helicopter to hoist the animal out of the concrete overhang.

A leap of faith may just land you in the right place. Inspired by food bloggers, Isak Munda, a daily wage worker, took a loan of ₹3,000 to buy a smartphone and made a video of himself eating boiled rice and curry. And guess what, it became an instant hit. Now a Youtube sensation, he isn’t looking for work anymore!

They say, art is complete when it has the shadows of God. Ahead of the Rathyatra in the state, an Odisha artiste, L Eswar Rao has made miniature models of the chariots of Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra, Lord Balabhadra, with 435 matchstick­s. It took him nine days to complete the models and he used neem wood to make the deities.

With the unlock phase underway, many actors have finally begun to venture out for work. And actor Sharad Kelkar is among the first few to have resumed shoots after the second wave of Covid-19 subsided.

Talking about his experience of working amid the pandemic, the actor says, “Just like last year, even this time around, I was shooting before the lockdown was imposed in Mumbai. It’s simple, you’ve to take a lot of precaution­s and be mentally positive. You can’t stay in fear whether you’re shooting or just staying at home.”

The 44-year-old goes on to explain how paranoia gets to people before anything and thus, one can’t allow fear to control their mind. “You should keep yourself positive and strong, emotionall­y. Even if you get Covid but you still have the mental strength, nothing will happen to you. Most people have a lot of fear in their heads. Just please take it out,” urges Kelkar, who was recently seen in the web show, The Family Man 2.

Kelkar admits that even though he was mentally ready, the wellbeing of his seven-year-old daughter, Kesha made him nervous about venturing out.

“I took all precaution­s. And, you maintain social distancing. My makeup, hair people... were all with me in the bio bubble,” he says, adding, “You, of course, have some apprehensi­ons coming on set, but you’ve to work. Once home, I’d go straight for a shower, without meeting anyone. I’d sanitise everything and then meet my family. It’s a little bit of stress, but I was sure about working.”

The actor has a busy year ahead, with his next, Bhuj: The Pride of India releasing on an OTT platform. “After that, I’ve got more projects. One of my films will be a theatrical release in October. There’s another film that I’ll finish in a few months,” he shares.

You should keep yourself strong... If you get Covid but still have the mental strength, nothing will happen to you.


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