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It’s vital to celebrate moments of inspiratio­n

- Siddharth Reddy

Most high performers now function in a world where the prestige of working with top firms isn’t out of their grasp.

It goes without saying that happy and engaged employees spread positive anecdotes about the organisati­ons they work for, while disengaged, stressed and unhappy employees only highlight their lowest moments when speaking to others. As most companies would certainly prefer the former, it becomes vital now more than ever to establish a strong employee value propositio­n (EVP) that creates the moments of inspiratio­n in the employee’s journey. One of the proven ways to bring EVP to life is a research based ‘Make Every Moment Count’ framework. shares your passion and values towards work, and finally, offering great experience to your clients by default. So, if you think that the Make Every Moment Count strategy was born out of a need to only make employees feel emotionall­y content in the workplace, think again!

Every good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. During these key plot points in a story, the protagonis­t is introduced, offered a chance for growth, and then offered a reward or a redemption arc! Similar to the structure of a good story, the Make Every Moment Count framework looks at 5 key moments in an employee’s journey: Decision Day, First Day, Every Day, Achievemen­t Day, and Referral Day, to make their experience even better.

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