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Fiza’s life story: A political potboiler with a tragic twist

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Monica Sharma CHANDIGARH: An ambitious woman, a powerful politician, an extramarit­al affair, a secret runaway marriage and a quick split — Anuradha Bali, aka Fiza’s story was the stuff Bollywood potboilers are made of.

She had even exulted once that a few filmmakers were keen on making a movie on her life with her in the lead. But it was not to be, as Fiza’s brush with limelight proved to be short-lived.

Fiza’s body was found in a highly decomposed state at her Mohali residence on Monday.

A lawyer by profession, Fiza, who was assistant advocate general in the Haryana government, first flirted with limelight when her name surfaced in connection with the mysterious disappeara­nce of the then Haryana deputy CM Chander Mohan in 2008.

While the state’s intelligen­ce machinery tried to get his whereabout­s, Chander Mohan aka Chand Mohammad resurfaced with Fiza by his side. The two had tied the knot after converting to Islam. The Congress leader had left his family and put his thriving political career at stake with his father, former CM Bhajan Lal, even disowning him publicly.

The two gave long interviews to news channels, holding hands and talking like a young couple smitten by love.

Their marriage was viewed with skepticism, with many speculatin­g that Fiza had “incriminat­ing material” that could get Chander Mohan into trouble. But it did not last long.

The two split up within 40 days of the “nikaah”. Chander Mohan returned to his family. Left fuming, Fiza attempted suicide. Chander Mohan returned to her months later, only to leave her forever.

The mediaperso­ns outside her house also disappeare­d.

The events left her shattered, and even though she tried in vain to gain back her ‘celebrity status’, Fiza was even more lonely after her mother’s death a few months ago.

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