Mya 4 Re­ac­tion Sta­tion – Chang­ing the con­cept of chem­istry!!

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Chem­istry has be­come more pro­duc­tive than ever be­fore since UK man­u­fac­turer Radleys launched their Mya 4 Re­ac­tion Sta­tion. Mya 4 is a 4-zone re­ac­tion sta­tion that of­fers pre­cise heat­ing, ac­tive cool­ing, soft­ware con­trol and data log­ging for 24/7 unat­tended chem­istry.

The in­no­va­tive Re­ac­tion Sta­tion al­lows for mul­ti­ple ex­per­i­ments with in­di­vid­ual con­trol in a sin­gle com­pact bench­top sys­tem. Mya 4 pro­vides ul­ti­mate flex­i­bil­ity: in­de­pen­dent con­trol over 4 zones, with ac­tive cool­ing and heat­ing over a very wide range -30°C to +180°C, a wide choice of ves­sels from 2 ml to 400 ml, and mag­netic or pow­er­ful over­head stir­ring.

The ver­sa­tile Re­ac­tion Sta­tion al­lows users to have more con­trol over their chem­istry than ever be­fore. 24/7 unat­tended soft­ware con­trol will in­crease safety and pro­duc­tiv­ity, while re­duc­ing man­ual er­rors for bet­ter re­pro­ducibil­ity and pre­ci­sion.

The in­tu­itive touch-screen Con­trol Pad means chemists can set ex­per­i­men­tal pro­files for each in­di­vid­ual zone, set safety lim­its, view real-time re­sults and much more, with an easy-to-use in­ter­face that au­to­mat­i­cally logs all of the data in an ex­portable CSV for­mat.

Users can se­lect the op­tional Mya PC Con­trol Soft­ware, which al­lows in integration and con­trol over mul­ti­ple 3rd party de­vices such as sy­ringe pumps, bal­ances, vac­uum pumps and pH sen­sors etc. on one screen.

Ex­per­i­men­tal recipes and de­tailed re­ports can be ex­ported and shared, with ev­ery­thing run from a PC.

Radleys pro­vide in­no­va­tive chem­istry equip­ment for safer, cleaner, greener and more pro­duc­tive chem­i­cal re­search. We have been man­u­fac­tur­ing sci­en­tific glass­ware and lab­o­ra­tory in­stru­ments for over 50 years and our cus­tomers in­clude lead­ing blue-chip in­dus­trial and aca­demic re­search fa­cil­i­ties around the world. Our ar­eas of ex­per­tise are equip- ment for chem­i­cal syn­the­sis, process de­vel­op­ment, work-up and evap­o­ra­tion.

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