Over­com­ing pres­sure-drop con­straints

Chemical Industry Digest - - Compressor -

Ac­cept­able Com­pres­sor KOD (ΔP) un­der vac­uum or very low suc­tion pres­sure con­di­tions is very low. Gen­er­ally, lower the pres­sure-drop across an ME, lower is its mist cap­tur­ing ef­fi­ciency and higher is the pos­si­bilty of liq­uids en­ter­ing into the com­pres­sor. Where low ΔP is crit­i­cal and not high mist cap­ture ef­fi­ciency (MCE), a vane unit or low den­sity mesh pad suf­fices. How­ever, a dual den­sity mesh pad con­sist­ing of en­try side low den­sity mesh and exit side high den­sity mesh also of­fers high cap­ture ef­fi­ciency at marginally higher ΔP.

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