Retrofits to han­dle in­creased through­puts

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Stan­dards re­quire siz­ing the ME for min­i­mum 110% or prefer­ably 125% max com­pres­sor through­put

ca­pac­ity to high MCE, even dur­ing higher through­put sit­u­a­tions. ME are typ­i­cally sized for cross sec­tional area to achieve a de­sign ve­loc­ity, ac­cord­ing to Soud­er­sBrown va­por load fac­tor K, cal­cu­lated as un­der: K=V /√((Y -Y )/Y ) where,


K Soud­ers-Brown va­por load fac­tor

V Gas Ve­loc­ity m/s


Y Liq­uid den­sity – any con­sis­tent unit e.g. kg/m3


Y Gas den­sity – any con­sis­tent unit e.g. kg/m3


E.g. Room air con­di­tion­ers draw air at 3 m/s ve­loc­ity. What is the K fac­tor for the mesh used in this ap­pli­ca­tion?

Putting value so fY =1000 kg/m 3 for wa­ter; Y=

LG 1.293 kg / m3 ap­prox. for room temp con­di­tions air in the above for­mula, we get:

K=3/((1000-1.293)/1.293)^0.5 = 0.11 m/s

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