Han­dling through­put in­crease sit­u­a­tions

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Two op­tions to han­dle through­put in­crease be­yond ex­ist­ing KO drum ca­pac­ity are:

1 Sub­sti­tute a larger ves­sel to ac­cept greater cross sec­tional area ME, sized to han­dle the in­creased through­put. This re­duces gas ve­loc­ity suf­fi­ciently to make the ME and KOD ef­fec­tive.

2 Re­tain the same KOD, with sub­sti­tuted lat­est tech­nol­ogy high ef­fi­ciency ME, sized to han­dle the in­creased through­put in place of the ex­ist­ing ME. Op­tion 2, not re­quir­ing long down­time and ex­pen­sive new ves­sel, is the cost ef­fec­tive and ver­sa­tile ap­proach. Given be­low are KOD ca­pac­ity in­crease retro­fit tech­niques. Use one or more as nec­es­sary:

1 Re­place ver­ti­cal ME el­e­ments with hor­i­zon­tal flow K = 0.13 m/s mesh pads and or K = 0.2 m/s vane units

In­stall prop­erly en­gi­neered ve­loc­ity, even pro­fil­ing baf­fles

In­stall hor­i­zon­tal K = 0.12 m/s mesh pads with drainage lay­ers or mul­ti­ple zones; 10 to 12% ca­pac­ity in­crease is easy.

4 Ven­dors of­fered Dou­ble-Pocket Vanes that can dou­ble the ca­pac­ity of a con­ven­tional vane unit (K = 0.24 m/s to 0.34 m/s)

In­stall K = 0.15 m/s to 0.2 m/s Mesh-vane com­bi­na­tions; 10 to 25% ef­fi­ciency and ca­pac­ity in­crease are easy.

In­stall ag­glom­er­at­ing Mesh and up­stream 99.9% of 2-mi­cron droplets ef­fi­cient Dou­ble-Pocket Vanes; con­sid­er­able ca­pac­ity in­crease is easy.

7 Two or four banks ME con­fig­u­ra­tions in­crease flow cross sec­tional ar­eas; hence the new ef­fi­ciency and ca­pac­ity in­creases are as­tound­ing.

Fig­ure 13 il­lus­trates sev­eral of th­ese pos­si­bil­i­ties: hor­i­zon­tal flow through ver­ti­cal mist elim­i­na­tor el­e­ments, us­ing mesh pads to ag­glom­er­ate fine mist into large droplets that vane units re­move eas­ily, and a dou­ble-bank con­fig­u­ra­tion. Ven­dors’ de­sign spe­cial­ists help is avail­able for op­ti­mal KOD ca­pac­ity, per­for­mance and ef­fi­ciency in­crease.

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