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As we can now un­der­stand that the wastew­a­ters gen­er­ated from the mine sites cause se­vere en­vi­ron­men­tal con­cerns not only for the aquatic life but also for hu­mans in­hab­it­ing those ar­eas. The raw waste­water gen­er­ated from the mine site is not only acidic but also con­tains dis­solved solids and met­als that are un­safe for generic use. There­fore, sev­eral treat­ment tech­niques have been prac­tised. How­ever, more re­search is un­der progress to pro­vide a po­ten­tial so­lu­tion. Cur­rently, the use of sul­phate re­duc­ing bac­te­ria (SRB) along with sul­phur ox­i­diz­ing bac­te­ria (SOB) has been an area of po­ten­tial re­search study for the safe treat­ment of AMD. We hope that more stud­ies in this re­gard will be avail­able in the com­ing fu­ture that will re­duce the sul­phate con­tent in AMD as well as aid in safe re­moval and re­cov­ery of heavy met­als.


The au­thors would like to ac­knowl­edge SERB, In­dia for the award of Na­tional Post Doc­toral Schol­ar­ship (File No. PDF/2017/000036) to Dr. San­deep Panda and the Direc­tor, IICT, Hyderabad, In­dia for ex­tend­ing the lab­o­ra­tory fa­cil­i­ties to con­duct re­search un­der the fel­low­ship scheme. Ref­er­ences

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