TPU Based on Car­bon Diox­ide Tech­nol­ogy

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Cove­stro A.G. has in­cor­po­rated poly­car­bon­ate poly­ols made with car­bon diox­ide into its Des­mopan ther­mo­plas­tic polyurethane (TPU) prod­uct range. The com­pany said that this is the first time CO tech­nol­ogy

2 is be­ing used in a TPU. The Com­pany claims that the new TPU prod­ucts left a lower car­bon foot­print than con­ven­tional ones, and helped close the car­bon cy­cle. This also con­serves fos­sil re­sources and, un­like many bio-based ma­te­ri­als, would not com­pete with food pro­duc­tion.

Des­mopan 37385A is de­signed for ex­tru­sion, and is also suit­able for in­jec­tion mold­ing. Its phys­i­cal prop­er­ties in­clude Shore A 85 hard­ness, 36 MPa ten­sile strength and 660 per­cent elon­ga­tion at break. With this the com­pany also plans to ex­pand the new TPU series by de­vel­op­ing an­other Des­mopan CO grade with


Shore A 95 hard­ness.

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