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G Se­molina / Rava – 1½ cups G Yo­gurt – ¾ cup G Wa­ter - 70-80 ml G Eno Fruit Salt - ¼ tsp G Gin­ger (finely crushed) - ½ inch

For pre­par­ing tem­per­ing:

G Ghee – 2 tbsp G Oil – 1 tsp G Mus­tard Seeds – 1 tsp G Curry Leaves – 15 nos. G Chana Dal (chopped) – 2 tsp G Asafoetida – 1/8 tsp G Cashew Nuts – 15 nos. G Al­monds – 10 nos. G Raisins – 30-35 grains G Chi­ronji (washed and dried) - 1 tbsp


Heat the ghee and oil to­gether in a skil­let. Toss in the bro­ken bits of cashews and al­monds and chi­ronji. Fry them till golden and aro­matic, tak­ing care not to burn them. Re­move them onto a plate and set them aside.

Sim­i­larly, fry the raisins till they are golden and puffed up. Make sure you have dried the washed raisins well on a kitchen towel, else the oil will splut­ter around. Take the raisins out on a plate and set them aside too. Now, in the re­main­ing ghee, add the mus­tard seeds and al­low them to splut­ter. Add the chana dal and fry on medium heat till it loses its raw smell and turns golden brown and aro­matic. Toss in the chopped curry leaves and fry them till they turn crunchy and aro­matic. Fi­nally add asafoetida and sauté for three to four sec­onds. Add rava / se­molina; make sure you use the thin­ner va­ri­ety of rava. Mix ev­ery­thing around well. Now keep on roast­ing the rava on low flame, stir­ring it of­ten. The rava will change colour from white to golden and smell heav­enly. Check out the dif­fer­ence in colour of the se­molina. Now re­move the roasted se­molina in a bowl and al­low it to cool. When the se­molina has cooled down, add the whisked yo­gurt and mix ev­ery­thing vig­or­ously so that there are no lumps. When you mix the bat­ter well, air gets in­cor­po­rated into it and it will be­come fluffy. Add the finely crushed fresh gin­ger, salt and mix again and then add wa­ter. Al­low the bat­ter to rest for an hour. Cover the bowl to keep it warm for about an hour. Af­ter the bat­ter has rested, pre­pare the idli moulds. Heat the wa­ter in the idli steamer and grease the idli moulds lightly with some oil. Toss in the fried cashews, al­monds, chi­ronji and raisins and give the bat­ter a mix. Add the Eno Fruit Salt and mix it well and im­me­di­ately add the bat­ter into the moulds. The moulds should be 4/5th filled. These idlis are soft but they don’t re­ally fluff up like the rice idlis. Care­fully place the idli moulds in­side the steamer con­tain­ing boil­ing wa­ter. Cover the steamer and steam the idlis for about 10 to 12 min­utes. Try in­sert­ing a tooth­pick to check if the idli is well done; if it comes out clean, the idlis are ready. Scoop the idlis out from the moulds with the help of a spoon. Serve hot with sam­bar and chut­ney.

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