Nu­tri­tion­ist AVANTI DESH­PANDE lists out the ben­e­fits of fruits

Ci­tadel nu­tri­tion­ist AVANTI DESH­PANDE lists out the ben­e­fits of fruits, which can help us to pre­vent health ail­ments and live a dis­ease free life.

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Fruits make us feel fresh and en­er­getic. It’s the virtue of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants, which gives the feel­ing of fresh­ness, en­er­giz­ing our body and mind. Ac­cord­ing to the di­etary guide­lines of ICMR - National In­sti­tute of Nutri­tion, one should ‘eat plenty of fruits and veg­eta­bles in a day’. The rea­son be­ing that fruits is one of the most im­por­tant food groups, which need to be con­sumed at least once in a day. If the diet lacks fruits, it can lead to the loss of vi­tal nu­tri­ents. So, we need to know the im­por­tance of fruits in our di­ets. Here are some of the ad­van­tages of eat­ing fruits: Fruits Pro­vide Es­sen­tial Vi­ta­mins and Min­er­als

Fruits pro­vide vi­ta­mins like Vi­ta­min A, Vi­ta­min B, Vi­ta­min C and Vi­ta­min E. For ex­am­ple, citrus fruits like amla, or­ange and citrus limetta, and red and or­ange coloured fruits like mango, pa­paya and straw­ber­ries are rich in vi­ta­mins, which are es­sen­tial for the body. Also, potas­sium is an im­por­tant min­eral that helps to reg­u­late body’s heart rate; there­fore, it is vi­tal to have high in­take of bananas, cher­ries and grape­fruits, which are rich sources of potas­sium.

Fruits Have High Wa­ter Con­tent

There are var­i­ous types of fruits that help you to keep your­self hy­drated. The big­gest ad­van­tage of con­sum­ing high wa­ter con­tent fruits is that they con­tain fewer calo­ries, thereby keep­ing peo­ple away from putting on weight. Dur­ing sum­mers, it is very com­mon that peo­ple may lose their ap­petites, which make them feel less hun­gry. Hence, fruits like wa­ter­melon, or­anges, citrus limetta, ki­wis, pineap­ple, straw­ber­ries, pears, ap­ples, muskmelon, grape­fruits and lemons are use­ful to a great ex­tent.

Fruits Are Rich In Fi­bre

The fi­bre con­tent in fruits is present in two forms- sol­u­ble fi­bre and in­sol­u­ble fi­bre. Sol­u­ble fi­bre is found in ap­ple or guava, which have the ca­pac­ity to re­move tox­ins from the body; whereas, in­sol­u­ble fi­bre helps in con­trol­ling blood sugar level, choles­terol level, and also helps in pro­vid­ing re­lief from con­sti­pa­tion. Peo­ple suf­fer­ing from di­a­betes should have high in­take of fi­bre, which is abun­dantly present in ap­ples, ki­wis, av­o­ca­dos, pears, guavas, or­anges, bananas, straw­ber­ries, wa­ter­melon, pa­paya, muskmelon and pomegranate.

Fruits Can Also Be Eaten Dur­ing Snacks Time

Fruits can be eaten at any­time of the day. It is very easy to pre­pare and carry as well. Fruits should be con­sumed in its nat­u­ral form. Also in­clude healthy fruit snacks in your ev­ery­day diet, so that you get your daily re­quire­ments of vi­ta­mins from them. Also try to en­cour­age chil­dren to snack on fruits rather than sweets.

Fruits Con­tain Less Fats And Calo­ries

Fruits have higher wa­ter and fi­bre con­tent, which

help in main­tain­ing the right body weight. They can sig­nif­i­cantly cut the num­ber of calo­ries in the diet. So choose a mix­ture of fruits to en­sure a good mix of all nu­tri­ents. Fruits like ap­ples, pears, or­anges, pomegranate, pa­paya, sweet lime, muskmelon and wa­ter­melon help to keep calo­ries in check.

Fruits Are Good Sources Of An­tiox­i­dants

All fruits are rich in an­tiox­i­dants, which com­bat free rad­i­cals. In ad­di­tion, it boosts our brain func­tion. Fruits such as berries give su­per healthy an­tiox­i­dants, which help in fight­ing dis­eases. These an­tiox­i­dants come from fresh fruits, such as straw­ber­ries, or­anges, sweet limes, pa­paya, pineap­ple, pomegranate, blue­ber­ries, rasp­ber­ries, etc.

Fruits Help The Skin To Glow

Fruits are not only use­ful for op­ti­mal health, but of­fer amaz­ing ben­e­fits for skin. They are pow­er­house of es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents, vi­ta­mins, min­er­als, an­tiox­i­dants and fi­bre. Skin is the largest or­gan in the body, so it re­quires a lot of pam­per­ing and feed­ing. The best way to nur­ture your skin is to eat lots of fruits. They will make your skin health­ier and more ra­di­ant; you can eat rain­bow of fruits such as ap­ples, av­o­ca­dos, bananas, ki­wis, pomegranate, pa­paya, pineap­ple and straw­ber­ries, which can help you to im­prove your skin tex­ture.

Fruits Pro­vide In­stant En­ergy

When we eat fruits, our sup­ply of en­ergy in­creases; this is one of the prime ben­e­fits of fruits. This is the rea­son why ath­letes eat fruits dur­ing and af­ter the ex­er­cise. Fruits can be eaten at any­time to boost en­ergy lev­els, which aid us to per­form bet­ter at our work­places. One serv­ing of fruits con­tain be­tween 80 to 120 calo­ries, de­pend­ing upon the fruit.

Fruits Pre­vent Hair Loss

Fruits not only en­hance the ra­di­ance of your skin, but also con­trib­ute for healthy long hair. Citrus fruits are ex­cel­lent hair stim­u­lants and pre­vent hair loss. Hair fall has be­come a ma­jor prob­lem these days for fe­males as well as males. How­ever there are some fruits that help you stay away from fac­ing the trou­ble of hair loss. In­stead of us­ing cos­metic prod­ucts, it is al­ways bet­ter to con­sume fruits to con­trol hair fall. Fruits like rasp­ber­ries, or­anges, amla, straw­ber­ries, pineap­ple, ki­wis, av­o­ca­dos, bananas, grapes, ap­ples, lemons, wa­ter­melon, cher­ries and plums are help­ful in main­tain­ing strong tresses.

Fruits Help To Fight Health Dis­eases

Fruits are good sources of es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins, min­er­als, fi­bre, an­tiox­i­dants, and dis­ease fight­ing phy­to­chem­i­cals, which help to fight or bat­tle chronic dis­eases such as heart dis­ease and can­cer. Fruits like ap­ples, av­o­ca­dos, or­anges, straw­ber­ries, pineap­ple and pears are use­ful in fight­ing se­vere health ail­ments.

In ad­di­tion to all the above ben­e­fits, the United States Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion (USFDA) rec­om­mends a serv­ing of at least five fruits and veg­eta­bles in a day for liv­ing a healthy life!

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