KRUSTY’S ALL DAY BISTRO AND BAR in Kharadi is the place to visit for cui­sine from Europe to the Mediter­ranean and every­thing in be­tween

If you want to try some de­lec­ta­ble fare from Europe to the Mediter­ranean and every­thing in be­tween, KRUSTY’S ALL DAY BISTRO AND BAR in Kharadi is the place to visit.


Eat­ing at any food joint, how­ever big or small, is an ex­pe­ri­ence. You get tempted by a whiff of the food in front of you.... the sur­round­ings please your vis­ual senses, and a pos­i­tive vibe per­me­ates into you with­out you re­al­is­ing it. It is a com­plete deal. Kharadi has been a de­vel­op­ing place both as an IT hub and res­i­den­tial

par­adise. No doubt, eater­ies of all sorts have sprung up here like mush­rooms in the mon­soon. While some keep the in­ter­est alive, oth­ers sadly wal­low in their bare ex­is­tence. Soon they be­come his­tory. But one just can­not deny the fact that this area is throw­ing up op­tions that might in­ter­est the lay­man foodie who does not mind go­ing the ex­tra mile to chow down their favourite grub. Krusty’s All Day Bistro and Bar, on the other hand, time and again beck­ons you. Nes­tled in the heart of the IT space hub of the city, it is hard not to miss the place, as it is lo­cated in the prime City Hub at WTC. Sur­rounded pri­mar­ily by IT pro­fes­sion­als, the chances of this place be­ing thronged by these em­ploy­ees are high in­deed. This bistro, known for be­ing a ca­sual din­ing place serv­ing Euro­pean, Con­ti­nen­tal, Ital­ian and Mediter­ranean food, is quite filled dur­ing week­days. One needs to ap­plaud their fore­sight in com­ing to a place that was de­vel­op­ing just a few years ago. Krusty’s first out­let at Kothrud opened up al­most five years ago and has gath­ered a fair share of reg­u­lars. They vouch by the grub of­fered at this all day bistro. While the lo­ca­tion is per­fectly suave to hang out, reach­ing here would be a tough task for those wish­ing to come here, since it means deal­ing with the nasty

traf­fic on Na­gar Road, which is for now the only way to reach it from any side. An up­com­ing bridge near Mund­hwa would be a bless­ing, one can say. Till then, nav­i­gat­ing through tough traf­fic is the only op­tion, one can say.


It’s quite easy to lo­cate the bistro as one en­ters from the East Gate. Large full glass win­dows al­low one to see into the com­pletely Euro­pean cafe with its bistro­like in­te­ri­ors. There is an op­tion to sit in the open, which is great in sum­mers. Its com­plete open­ness is some­thing that might put you at ease. There is noth­ing hid­den here. Breezy weather at night in the sum­mers is to die for. The in­te­ri­ors def­i­nitely give you a feel­ing of sit­ting in an Amer­i­can ca­sual diner, but with a touch of so­phis­ti­cated Europe to it. A part of the sit­ting area is out­side, where you find more a mix of in­for­mal seat­ing and high ta­ble ex­pe­ri­ence. In­side, again, Amer­i­can diner-style plush seat­ing mixes well with wooden seat­ing ar­range­ments. You have an op­tion of small or large ta­bles as per your need. If you choose to dine there in the evening, the light­ing is mel­low, yet al­lows you to not squint to see the per­son in from of you. The theme of the decor is com­pleted with wooden pan­els all around and chairs that reek ease. The light­ing seen around is a mix of modern yet un­usual el­e­ments. The thing that strikes you of Krusty’s is the spa­cious­ness that one can feel. There is am­ple seat­ing, but chances are, you will not be eaves­drop­ping on your neigh­bour’s con­ver­sa­tions. While try­ing to feast on the food, the open kitchen (with glass win­dows of course) al­lows you to view the staff pre­pare the meals. Check out the writ­ing on a wooden panel that makes all the good food con­nec­tions with the bistro... It

makes you want to taste the food more. The dis­play, con­sist­ing of dif­fer­ent food re­lated uten­sils and more, adds a spe­cial touch. But enough said about the dé­cor, and now we move on to a restau­rant’s main of­fer­ing – the food. Af­ter all, that is what you have come for at Krusty’s.


Krusty’s Kharadi is its sec­ond out­let in the city. It first opened in Kothrud, where the menu is al­most the same, ex­cept for slight changes to suit the tastes of the largely up­per mid­dle class Ma­ha­ras­tri­ans with a finer taste in food. The Kharadi out­let too is sim­i­lar, but has va­ri­ety suit­ing the more cos­mopoli­tan crowd that ei­ther works in the vicin­ity or stays in and around the area. The bonus point here is the fact that you can get served al­co­hol, and that too var­ied types. Fri­day nights or even week­ends are at times re­served for some mu­si­cal out­ings to cre­ate a mood. All set to at­tract the crowd, one can say!


Once you know that the drinks are part of the menu, the chances of vis­it­ing any eatery goes up. Krusty’s gath­ers one point on this ac­count. Ap­par­ently, the wines and cock­tails are pop­u­lar op­tions. Hard drinks do find buy­ers, but not much as the first two. As usual, you can buy the wine ei­ther by glass or by bot­tle. Keep­ing up with the de­mand, it would in­ter­est peo­ple that craft beers too have a pres­ence in the bistro. There are two op­tions – beers from White Owl or In­de­pen­dence Brew­ing Com­pany. It is quite good to see all kinds of tastes met here. The highly pop­u­lar san­gria was tried out and it was not dis­ap­point­ing at all. The com­bi­na­tion of red wine and ap­ples and a hint of or­ange cre­ated a rather good ef­fect on your mind. The crunchy

ap­ple and wine blended well and was a per­fect starter to the meal.


While sip­ping the san­gria, it was time to sam­ple the ap­pe­tis­ers, of which there were plenty. Choos­ing amongst the op­tions, we started with Trio of Br­uschetta. The trio op­tions were Roasted Beet Mousse and Black Olives, Herbed Cream Cheese and Onion Com­pote, and Creamed Spinach and Con­fit Toma­toes. The Roasted Beet Mousse and Black Olives op­tion was a sur­pris­ing one, as the slight sweet­ness of the beets mixed well with the tart­ness of the olives. Herbed Cream Cheese and Onion Com­pote could be a good op­tion if you like the slight sweet­ness of the onion com­pote that paired well with del­i­cately herbed cream cheese. The Creamed Spinach and Con­fit Toma­toes was good, but a rather typ­i­cal op­tion as the creamed spinach cut down the well­roasted toma­toes’ tart­ness. Look­ing at the Ter­rine of Feta, Charred Bell Pep­pers and Zuc­chini, one felt quite up­beat and it did not dis­ap­point. The onion, red wine and port mar­malade had just a hint of sweet that went well with the feta (not Greek va­ri­ety). Of course, the olives, sun­dried toma­toes and lemon vinai­grette cut down the salti­ness of the feta and lent its unique taste to the dish. The salad bed of rocket and bal­samic re­duc­tion and basil oil pro­vided great flavour. The Pan Seared Kaf­fir Lime and Le­mon­grass Prawns served with Fried Lo­tus Stem would be a pop­u­lar choice if you are a seafood lover along with en­joy­ing South East Asian flavours. The zesty flavour of kaf­fir lime and le­mon­grass added a cit­rusy flavour to the pan seared prawns. You just gulp down the prawns in a jiffy. As far as ap­pe­tis­ers are con­cerned, Krusty’s have got it right.


The mood quickly shifts to the main course – the menu items that will make or break any eatery. Keep­ing in mind the fact that the place has its hand in Euro­pean, Con­ti­nen­tal, Ital­ian and Mediter­ranean cuisines, try­ing out a bit of every­thing is the need of the hour. The ap­pe­tis­ers in­ter­ested the food­ies, but the real test of the bistro starts here. What might in­ter­est peo­ple in choos­ing the Thyme and Bal­samic Lamb Chops is the fact that de­spite a lot go­ing in it, the taste is sub­lime. Along with the well-made pomme puree, as­para­gus, spring onion bulb, cherry toma­toes, baby car­rots and mi­cro basil, the ten­der meat that just falls off the bone has a cer­tain del­i­cate flavour cour­tesy the pomme puree. Lamb afi­ciona­dos will want to try this for sure. One can call the Mediter­ranean Herb Crusted Pan Seared Red Snap­per to be a pretty neat choice, but it pales in front of

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Black Olives & Fresh Red Chill­ies

Red Wine San­gria

3AM Brain­wave

Trio of Br­uschetta

Pan Seared Kaf­fir Lime & Le­mon­grass Prawns

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