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Con­cen­trate less on the opin­ions and bi­ases of oth­ers. Be open to in­tu­ition and in­sight from a deeper source. There may be too much fear and hos­til­ity in the en­vi­ron­ment for you to be heard. It might be that your ideas are not ripe enough, or that you are not ready to lis­ten to feed­back from oth­ers. If you spend more time in con­tem­pla­tion, you may suc­cess­fully dis­re­gard the emo­tional oc­cu­pa­tions and bi­ases of oth­ers. For now, closely ob­serve in­ner events. The time for shar­ing will come later. Chal­lenge t he pes­simism of oth­ers around you by evok­ing their higher na­ture. Pre­pare your­self for dis­ap­point­ment over how your fel­low hu­mans are set­ting their pri­or­i­ties. It seems that the lower end of hu­man na­ture may be erod­ing good­will in the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion. Due to a strong cul­tural trend to­ward scarcity think­ing, a ‘me first’ out­look pre­vails. If this means that you need to de­velop a thick skin or carry your sword of truth closer, then do so. Try not to be too quick to anger or jump to con­clu­sions. Just be­cause oth­ers may have a pes­simistic sense of the world, their re­al­ity does not have to un­der­mine yours. There is cer­tainly no point in strug­gling or com­pet­ing with them. Your chal­lenge now is to learn how to side­step con­fronta­tion and evoke a more evolved response from peo­ple. At the very least, be as­sertive about set­ting bound­aries for your­self. Clearly dis­tin­guish between your ego and your in­tu­itive self. You should as­sertively dis­ci­pline your­self and sep­a­rate self-in­ter­est from en­light­ened wis­dom. De­lib­er­ately iden­tify with your in­tu­ition, even if it works against the de­sires of your wil­ful ego. De­mand and ex­pect the same from oth­ers who have some power in this sit­u­a­tion. You can­not chal­lenge them to live to a higher stan­dard if you, your­self, have not yet done so. In­flu­ence oth­ers by set­ting an

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