Blazo X from Mahin­dra

Mahin­dra Truck and Bus has up­graded the Blazo to carve out a big­ger pie of the medium and heavy­duty mar­ket.

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Mahin­dra Truck and Bus has up­graded the Blazo to carve out a big­ger pie of the medium and heavy-duty mar­ket.

In re­sponse to the re­quire­ments of cus­tomers, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus has up­graded the Blazo range of medium and heavy-duty trucks. The new range is called as Blazo X, and claimed to de­liver five per cent higher ef­fi­ciency. Com­ing in a back­drop of ris­ing fuel prices, new axle norms and the lack of pro­por­tion­ate rise in freight rates, the new truck range is bet­ter poised to ad­dress the re­quiremets of the fleet op­er­a­tors. Sub­ject to much cal­i­bra­tion and light weight­ing as the mar­ket moved to BSIV emis­sion norms April last year, the Blazo has been the main stay of the CV maker even as it pushes its new of­fer­ing, the Fu­rio, in the in­ter­me­di­ate seg­ment. Re­plac­ing the BSIV Blazo range that was well re­ceived in the mar­ket due to its abil­ity to per­form bet­ter and of­fer bet­ter fuel ef­fi­ciency through three driv­ing modes, the Blazo X marks yet an­other change. To re­place the ex­ist­ing Blazo range across haulage, tip­per and trac­tor-trailer seg­ments ac­cord­ing to Ra­jan Wad­hera, Pres­i­dent – Au­to­mo­tive Sec­tor, Mahin­dra & Mahin­dra Ltd., the new truck range, apart from as­sur­ing su­pe­rior fuel mileage, flaunts some cos­metic changes as well. Though sub­tle in na­ture, they in­clude re­designed head lamps as part of an im­proved cabin. They are of the twin-beam va­ri­ety and de­cid­edly modern in their ap­pear­ance.

The cabin, claimed to be more spa­cious than the com­pe­ti­tion, has seen some mild changes to add to the driver com­fort and con­ve­nience. The first is the tilt and tele­scopic steer­ing, which en­ables the driver to ar­rive at a com­mand­ing as well as com­fort­able driv­ing po­si­tion. The driver’s seat is three-way ad­justable. The most in­ter­est­ing bit is per­haps the car-like driver in­for­ma­tion sys­tem, which pro­vides crit­i­cal ve­hi­cle in­for­ma­tion to the driver in real time. A part of the LCD read­out are the pneu­matic air pres­sure in­di­ca­tor di­als. Backed by an in­dus­try first mileage guar­an­tee

of get­ting more mileage or re­turn the truck, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus has priced the Blazo X at Rs.25,000 more than the BSIV Blazo. Promis­ing im­prove­ments un­der the flesh like the air man­age­ment sys­tem, rolling char­ac­ter­is­tics, and ro­tat­ing parts among oth­ers, the Blazo X, said Wad­hera, will reaf­firm cus­tomers’ faith in Mahin­dra’s abil­ity to cre­ate class lead­ing prod­ucts and set higher stan­dards for the In­dian CV in­dus­try. Pow­ered by a BSIV 274 hp 7.2-litre six-cylin­der diesel en­gine with a smart elec­tronic fuel man­age­ment sys­tem, the Blaxo X is aim­ing at fleets that are look­ing at a sig­nif­i­cant rise in op­er­a­tional ef­fi­ciency and profitabil­ity.

Con­fi­dent that a 31-tonne Blazo X will con­sume 510-litres of fuel against a con­sump­tion of 580-litres by a com­peti­tor’s truck of equiv­a­lent ton­nage, Vinod Sa­hay, Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cer, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus, ex­pressed that the Blazo X will ben­e­fit not only from the five per cent higher fuel ef­fi­ciency, but also from the le­gacy of its pre­de­ces­sor, which has well en­trenched it­self in im­por­tant mar­ket ar­eas like car car­ri­ers, tankers, ce­ment bulk­ers and coal tip­pers. En­gi­neered to ac­count for the rise in av­er­age speeds, the Blazo X, ac­cord­ing to Sa­hay, will fur­ther strengthen Mahin­dra Truck and Bus’ po­si­tion in the mar­ket. Backed by the propo­si­tion of best value for money, mileage su­pe­ri­or­ity and low cost of own­er­ship, the new truck, ex­plained Sa­hay, prof­its from higher power to weight ra­tio, bet­ter ag­gre­gates and a modern as well as com­fort­able cabin. Bet­ter po­si­tioned to carry ex­tra loads man­dated by the CV axle norms, the truck is equipped with a six- and nine-speed gear­box. Sans any change in en­gine char­ac­ter­is­tics in terms of peak power and peak torque, the Blazo X most ben­e­fits from modern me­chan­i­cals that in­clude a com­mon-rail diesel en­gine, an SCR ex­haust af­tertreat­ment sys­tem, three dif­fer­ent driv­ing modes and a ro­bust build.

The three drive modes, called FuelS­mart tech­nol­ogy, of­fer the truck op­er­a­tor an op­por­tu­nity to ex­tract bet­ter fuel ef­fi­ciency by us­ing the turbo mode when car­ry­ing full load; use the heavy mode when car­ry­ing full load, but over gra­di­ents that are not as steep or as de­mand­ing. In heavy mode, the en­gine cuts power to 220 hp. In the light mode, which is used when run­ning empty, the power drops down to 205 hp. With a firm fo­cus on of­fer­ing su­pe­rior fuel ef­fi­ciency, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus, to carve out a greater pie of the medium and heavy-duty CV seg­ments is prac­ti­cis­ing ‘guar­an­tees’ not just for fuel ef­fi­ciency as an as­sur­ance, but also for ser­vice sup­port. From guar­an­teed timely reach and timely re­pairs to parts avail­abil­ity, the com­pany is work­ing to­wards a strat­egy that will also cover low­est cost of op­er­a­tion, longer

oil drain in­ter­val, low­est oil prices, and a six-lakh kilo­me­tre or six-year trans­ferrable war­ranty. Bank­ing on ro­bust com­po­nents and ag­gre­gates like a waste-gate tur­bocharger, an ef­fi­cient in­ter­cooler, low fric­tion axle seals and grease, low fric­tion oil, and an elec­tronic vis­cous fan, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus is keen to stay ahead of the curve in a mar­ket that is get­ting com­pet­i­tive as well as com­plex.

Strength­ing af­ter­sales

Strength­en­ing the af­ter­sales as part of a strat­egy to stay rel­e­vant in a mar­ket that is get­ting com­pet­i­tive and com­plex, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus is set­ting up an ex­press North-South ser­vice cor­ri­dor on the 3,800 km long Kash­mir to Kanyaku­mari stretch. The ser­vice cor­ri­dor will com­prise of 41 ser­vice touch­points (one ev­ery 100 kms), and guar­an­tee ser­vice reach in four hours. A com­pen­sa­tion of Rs.500 will be paid for ev­ery hour of de­lay. The North-South Ser­vice cor­ri­dor fol­lows the Mum­baiDelhi ser­vice cor­ri­dor the OEM an­nounced in March 2018. The lat­ter is claimed to cater to 30 per cent of the over­all truck move­ment. In case of Blazo, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus is guar­an­tee­ing max­i­mum up­time by putting the truck back on road in 48 hours. Fail­ing to do so, the com­pany would pay the cus­tomer Rs.1,000 per day for the de­lay. It would pay the trucker Rs.3000 a day as per a guar­an­tee to turn­around the ve­hi­cle in 36 hours at the dealer work­shop. Also of­fered is a cost-ef­fec­tive AMC, low­est cost of own­er­ship, and a pow­er­ful in­sur­ance pack­age. Plan­ning to put in place a Chen­nai-Kolkata and Chen­nai-Mum­bai ser­vice cor­ri­dor, Mahin­dra Truck and Bus claims that 21,000 Bla­zos are ply­ing on In­dian roads since Fe­bru­ary 2016. Also claim­ing that close to 44 per cent of sales are re­peat pur­chases, and a cu­mu­la­tive to­tal of 125 crore kms have been cov­ered (by the Blazo), the com­pany has at­trib­uted the suc­cess of the truck to its abil­ity to of­fer su­pe­rior fuel ef­fi­ciency and low own­er­ship cost.

Blazo X will re­place the ex­ist­ing Blazo range across haulage, tip­per and trac­tor-trailer seg­ments.

Part of an im­proved cabin, the re­designed lamps are of the twin-beam va­ri­ety and de­cid­edly modern in their ap­pear­ance.

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