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Mahindra e-Alfa Cargo


Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd. launched the electric three-wheeler variant of the Alfa, the e-Alfa Cargo at Rs.1.44 Lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi) after it was first launched as a passenger variant in 2008 and cargo variant in 2009. The launch of the e-Alfa Cargo marks the entry of Mahindra in the rapidly growing e-cart segment and joins the Mahindra Treo Zor launched in October 2020. Suman Mishra, Chief Executive Officer of Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “The last-mile delivery segment is seeing excellent adoption of electric three-wheelers due to significan­t operating cost advantages versus fossil fuel-powered three-wheelers. We are now launching the e-Alfa Cargo e-cart in response to the customer requiremen­ts in this segment.” The e-variant is expected to save up to Rs.60,000 per year in operationa­l costs when compared to the diesel variant for the operator. The e-Alfa cargo tray comes with a payload capacity of

310 kg and offers an 80 km range with a top speed of

25 kmph. The company offers an on-board 48 V/15

A charger and claims to support the new variant with 300 outlets. Other noteworthy features include a fully digital instrument cluster. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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