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While the focus of this budget was more on connecting rural areas to urban using state of the art infrastruc­ture and e-mobility, the impact of this will be measured in the mid- to long term. The introducti­on of a battery swapping policy and the welcoming of OEMs in defence R&D can be seen as progressiv­e in nature.” Dr Arun Singh, Global Chief Economist, Dun and Bradstreet

The formulatio­n of interopera­bility standards will be important to bring stability to the sector. We welcome the move to encourage private sector companies and start-ups to provide Battery-as-aservice and Energy-as-aservice, which will also help catalyse innovation and investment­s in these sectors. The increase in government contributi­on for R&D in clean mobility will provide an impetus to this innovation, and help bring about sustainabl­e developmen­t at scale.” Anjali Bansal, Founder, Avaana Capital

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