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Phased Manufactur­ing Programme


The Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) through the Phased Manufactur­ing Programme (PMP) is looking to promote the indigenous manufactur­e of Electric vehicles (EVs). This extends to assemblies, subassembl­ies, and parts, sub-parts, inputs of subassembl­ies. It is understood that a graded duty structure will be crucial to attaining this objective in a phase-wise manner. PMP for hybrid/ electric vehicles (xEV) parts will help firm up an effective date for the indigenous­ness of xEV parts. The incentives will be availed under FAME-II. Under the FAME-II programme, an estimated 2.31 lakh EVs have been supported till February 01, 2022. This is by way of the demand incentive estimated to be valued at Rs.827 crore.

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