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Semicon India Programme


The Semicon India Programme is aimed at strengthen­ing the electronic manufactur­ing ecosystem in the country. With a Rs.76,000 crore outlay, the programme approved by the Union Cabinet late last year has received five applicatio­ns for semiconduc­tor and display fabs. With an investment outlay of Rs.153,750 crore the applicatio­ns involve Vedanta Foxconn JV, IGSS Ventures pte, Singapore and ISMC. The applicatio­ns extend to 28 nm and 65 nm semiconduc­tor fabs with an expected capacity of 120,000 wafers on a monthly basis. The projected investment stands at USD 13.6 bn. On Display fabs, the projected investment is USD 6.7 bn. SPEL Semiconduc­tor Ltd., HCL, Syrma Technology and Vlenkani Electronic­s have registered under the semiconduc­tor packaging scheme. Terminus Circuits, Trispace Technologi­es, and Curie Microelect­ronics have submitted under the Design Linked Incentive Scheme.

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