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Hikvision India Onboard video systems


The World Health Organisati­on (WHO) in a statistic drew attention to an estimated 1.3 million people who die each year due to road accidents. Hikvision is claimed to have developed the mobile onboard video system to improve vehicle security in a range of methods. These include everything from reliable footage recording to route deviation or speeding alarms, as well as emergency alerts and analysis of abnormal driving behaviour. The technology provides real-time awareness for safe driving by offering 360° video coverage both inside and outside the vehicle. In the event of a traffic collision, video footage is securely recorded and archived, and it can be utilised as forensic evidence. It also generates insights, such as passenger flow on a public bus, so that passenger distributi­on can be improved to optimise passenger comfort. Hikvision’s onboard video security system ensures that typical types of vehicles are well protected, on commercial vehicles such as school bus, trucks, taxis and ride-hailing cars.

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