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400 bio-CNG buses in Indore


Nearly 400 buses in Indore will soon run on Bio-CNG. Generated from byproducts at a plant that Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurate­d in Madhya Pradesh on February 19, the 15 acre plant of the Indore Municipal Corporatio­n’s trenching ground in the Devguradia area is built with a Rs.150 crore investment. This is through the Public Private Partnershi­p (PPP) route. According to the civic body, it is expected to be the largest

Bio-CNG plant in South Asia. The plant can produce 19,000 kg of Bio-CNG per day from 550-tonne, wet waste (from fruits, vegetables, raw meat, stale food, green leaves, and flowers), out of which the Bio-CNG buses will be fueled.

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