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Puncture Proof Tyres:

Punctures are common on Indian roads. This unfortunat­e situation can jeopardise a driver’s safety. Tyre puncture repair is a tedious task and to address this issue, JK Tyre has introduced puncture-resistant technology. A concept developed for cars and two-wheelers, the puncture-proof tyre has unique sealants known to form a protective layer that repairs puncture on its own and thereby claimed to ensure a hassle-free and safe drive.

EV Tyre:

The electric vehicle industry in India is evolving and JK Tyre is ready to cater to the needs of the EV industry. These next-gen tyres have an optimised tread pattern which is ideal for EVs. Loaded with features like low rolling resistance, low noise emission and superior wet traction, these EV tyres offer a greener and environmen­t-friendly drive.

Coloured Tyre:

One of the most attractive and eye-catching products from the JK Tyre stable, the coloured tyres are for the auto enthusiast­s who do not think convention­al. These coloured tyres are made from the specially formulated coloured rubber compound and are available for cars and two-wheelers.

Fuel-Saver Tyre:

The next generation of fuel-efficient tyresthe XF series, is built on the cutting edge advanced JETOCT technology, which helps improve tyre efficiency by saving up to eight per cent fuel in comparison to normal radial tyres.

Tubeless Radials:

Designed to meet the emerging needs of fleets, these next generation­s of tubeless Truck and Bus Radials (TBRs) are developed with a new silica compound, which provides longer life, fuel savings and lower cost of operations.

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