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GST reforms have come to the fore again. Ashish Bhatia with inputs from Prateek Pardeshi highlights the implicatio­ns.


Hailed as a landmark reform by GoI, Goods and Services Tax (GST) challenges came to the fore once again in Union Budget 2022-23. The FM lauded the GST council for enabling the GoI to overcome an initial set of challenges and building a fully IT-driven and “progressiv­e” GST regime. Like the industry, the FM admitted that challenges remain. Resorting to overcome them in 2022-23, the FM lauded the buoyant growth in collection­s and hailed taxpayers for their cooperatio­n. Notably, 16 per cent of the government revenue is attributed to GST and the net can be widened in all probabilit­y. Claiming to have struck the right balance between facilitati­on and enforcemen­t, the FM, credited it for resulting in better compliance­s

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