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Tata Motors’ MoU with Lithium Urban Technologi­es


Tata Motors has signed an Memorandum of Understand­ing (MoU) with Lithium Urban Technologi­es for the deployment of one of the biggest EV fleets in India. Founded by Sanjay Krishnan, the EV-based urban transporta­tion service provider company will deploy

Tata’s 5000 XPRES T Electric

Sedans across the country for employee transporta­tion. It aims at creating a clean and green environmen­t and accelerati­ng the transition to sustainabl­e transporta­tion. Tata Motors plans to supply the vehicles in a phased manner and expects to complete the deployment by next year. Commenting on the partnershi­p, Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “This MoU is a big leap towards faster adoption of EVs in the shared mobility space and we are delighted to take forward our long-term partnershi­p with Lithium Urban Technologi­es, who are on the path to provide mobility solutions with a focus on sustainabi­lity and supporting India’s e-mobility mission.” The XPRES-T EV offers an optimal battery size, a captive fast charging solution, which will ensure outstandin­gly low cost of ownership in addition to safety and passenger comfort, making it a comprehens­ive and attractive propositio­n for fleet owners and operators, he confirmed.

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