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Michelin gets BEE accreditat­ion


Michelin has become the first tyre brand in India to be accredited with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a recently introduced star labelling programme aimed at improving sustainabi­lity and newly introduced performanc­e standards for tyres. Michelin X Multi Energy Z tyre has been awarded the industry’s first fuel savings label with a four-star rating by BEE, the company said in a statement. Manufactur­ed and designed by Michelin in India, the tubeless truck and bus tyre, as per the company claims, offers robust fuel savings, longevity with multiple retreads and safety on Indian terrain. The four-star rated tyre promises up to eight per cent more fuel saving. “The introducti­on and standardis­ation of tyres performanc­e and fuel efficiency parameters is a historic milestone for the Indian automotive industry, and we want to congratula­te Government of India for this initiative,” Michelin India Executive Director (Chennai Plant), Ranganatha­n Bhuvaraham­urthy said. Michelin is delighted to receive the first-star labelling for its Made in India tyre, reinforcin­g leadership in both innovation and manufactur­ing, he added.

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