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EVET to expand electric fleet


EVET has entered into partnershi­p with major companies in the food industry including Elior India, SPRINK Kinematic FoodTech, Kadambass hospitalit­y, and Foodievers­e to expand EVET electric fleet for food delivery. This expansion marks EVET’s entry into midmile deliveries. By doing so, it is furthering electrific­ation of mobility in the food delivery business. Starting these partnershi­ps in Bengaluru, the company will further expand its reach in other cities in India in months to come. The integrated electric mobility, charging and technology vertical of Magenta has deployed 100 EVET vehicles for food delivery along with the prerequisi­te charging network and are seeking to enhance this to 600 EVET vehicles in upcoming months only in the food delivery segment, confirmed Darryl Dias, cofounder of Magenta. “Deliveries on EVs will reduce the cost of running delivery trucks by up to 20-40 per cent benefiting our various partners with larger pay-outs,” he added.

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