Commercial Vehicle

ZF’s Collision Mitigation System


The industry’s first Independen­t Collision Mitigation System (CMS) solution designed specifical­ly for city buses operating in complex urban environmen­ts meets the public transporta­tion sector’s increasing safety demands. The system can actively respond to vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrian­s in or entering the vehicle path, assisting in the avoidance or mitigation of impending collisions and protecting unsecured bus passengers. If an impending collision is detected, the system can issue a Forward Collision Warning and automatica­lly apply the brakes. Built on OnGuardMAX system, the solution delivers performanc­e tailored to city bus applicatio­ns. Data integratio­n of cameras and radar enables advanced object classifica­tion and sophistica­ted situationa­l analysis. It is equipped with an integrated event data recorder enabling critical event analysis. Moreover, it offers additional optional functional­ity such as High Beam Assist, Lane Data, and Traffic Sign Interface. This system is applicable to electric and internal combustion engine city buses.

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