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New KPIT CoE in Kochi


KPIT Technologi­es Ltd. announced the establishm­ent of a software Centre of Excellence (CoE), in Kochi. The centre will be built in collaborat­ion with PathPartne­r Technology, a partner since 2021. KPIT’s strategic alliances with global OEMs and tier1s, as well as its focus on building softwarede­fined vehicles, are known to have helped generate new opportunit­ies in the automotive and mobility domains. Citing the skilled manpower seeking a challengin­g work environmen­t, a great work culture, flexibilit­y, and rapid growth - all while remaining close to home, Rajesh Janwadkar, Sr. Vice President, and Member of Executive Board, KPIT Technologi­es, said, “We plan to tap into the talent from different hubs of India and continue to look for engineers who are passionate about automotive technologi­es. Today’s skilled talent demands quality and challengin­g work, autonomy, with a clear purpose.” Over 200 new jobs will be added immediatel­y at the Software Excellence Center in Kochi.

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