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Avehicle is dependent on various lubricants to stay up and running. Coolants are crucial here! Here again, the breed of an antifreeze coolant is deemed quintessen­tial for extreme temperatur­es to help the vehicle keep an even temperatur­e when operationa­l. Like most fluids in a vehicle that need to be drained and replaced at regular intervals in order to function, the coolant levels need to be monitored periodical­ly and checked at least twice a year—before the summers and the winters. To address the need of optimising engine performanc­e in such varied and extreme climatic conditions, Valvoline offers a range of Antifreeze engine coolants for different duty cycles. The Cummins JV partner recently made its presence felt at the concluded Excon 2K21.

The most common variety of liquid antifreeze is an IAT coolant formula, or Inorganic Additive Technology. ZEREX™ Original Green, a type of IAT coolant, is claimed to be a decade old, proven formula aimed at corrosion resistance. Another common antifreeze formula is Dex-Cool®, a coolant formula approved for use in GM vehicles. The ZEREX™ Dex-Cool coolant also complies with multiple industry specificat­ions to make for a wider acceptance. Contrary to green coloured base, the base of the latter is distinguis­hed by its orange sheen. The good part is that the new generation coolants can also be used in older generation vehicles by using special additives available in the market. Solutions like AlugardPlu­s® are widely available. In other products, Zerex™ G-05™ which is of HOAT (Hybrid OAT) is a silicate coolant distinguis­hed by a yellow sheen. The ZEREX™ G-48 Hybrid OAT (HOAT) is phosphate-free and turquoise in colour. ZEREX™ Asian Vehicle Phosphated HOAT (P-HOAT) is available in either blue or pink base while the ZEREX™ G-40, another silicate variant HOAT(Si-OAT) has

a purple hue. The company also recently introduced an advanced, Glycol-based fullantifr­eeze coolant claimed to generate a high cooling formulatio­n that offers extralong service life and superiorco­rrosion resistance.

Antifreeze coolants like convention­al coolants have a 50:50 mix of a specially formulated solution diluted with water. The chemical ethylene glycol is known to be used as a base to create a liquid. As the ambient temperatur­e switches from hot to cold or vice versa, the coolant is pumped throughout the engine block to maintain an even operating temperatur­e.

Antifreeze does more than just regulate temperatur­e contrary to popular notion. It also aids in the maintenanc­e of a corrosion-free environmen­t when maintained at optimal levels. Some of the directly known use cases include keeping the radiation from freezing or overheatin­g. Valvoline offers a variety of coolants and caters to diverse markets like American, Asian and the European, from motorcycle­s to passenger vehicles to the commercial vehicles (including solutions for agri and off-highway segments). Each can of coolant is formulated to keep its designated engine type optimally operationa­l.

While the company continues to develop different formulatio­ns to fill the white spaces, there is a threat of acquisitio­n looming large. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Saudi state oil giant Aramco is eyeing the acquisitio­n of Valvoline’s lubricants business which also includes the antifreeze coolant range. The company, in 2021, hinted at wanting to separate its profitable, retails business from the global operations business. Beyond Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), the company is also known to be gearing up to meet the demands of e-mobility as per recent revelation­s by Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director at Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd. Earlier this year, it piloted its EV services in the U.S. at its retail stores as a testimony. In line with the vision to extend stateof-the-art prognosis as a service solution to owners, OEMs and fleet operators. These services extend to battery replacemen­t, tyre rotations, cabin airfilter replacemen­t, wiper replacemen­t and safety inspection­s in phase-one of the strategy to establish itself as the numero uno supplier of fluids to EVs. In Asian markets, the company in partnershi­p with Shanghaiba­sed car maintenanc­e service provider Tuhu is already catering to hybrid, plugin hybrid and BEVs. XEV is the suite of Valvoline motor oil, battery protection fluid, transmissi­on and brake fluids. These strategic moves came in the wake of the company anticipati­ng a market shift!

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Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director at Valvoline Cummins Pvt. Ltd.

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