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FM at 13th Annual Day Commemorat­ion of CCI


At the 13th Annual Day commemorat­ion of the Competitio­n Commission of India (CCI), FM Nirmala Sitharaman outlined the challenges of competitio­n in Indian and global contexts. In her address, she appreciate­d the CCI for taking timely initiative­s during the peak of the pandemic to ensure continuity of regulatory work. “To speed up recovery, companies need to scale up. Scaling up is already happening, and CCI should have a proactive understand­ing of what is shaping markets in this process, especially in M&As,” she opined. Citing the threat of cartelisat­ion hovering over the infrastruc­ture growth planned for the country, she underlined the threat of rising input costs. Referring to the adverse impact on supply chains, she called upon CII to understand the technical nuances of digitalisa­tion and understand whether they were being used fairly, effectivel­y and transparen­tly. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Chairperso­n, CCI highlighte­d that CCI has been constantly upgrading its investigat­ion toolkits and techniques to unravel anti-competitiv­e conduct, which is often shrouded in secrecy.

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