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STMicroele­ctronics Semikron cooperate


STMicroele­ctronics has cooperated with Semikron to integrate siliconcar­bide power technology in next-generation electric-vehicle drives. STMicroele­ctronics will supply Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology for the eMPack® Electric Vehicle (EV) power modules from Semikron. According to Karl-Heinz Gaubatz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Semikron, “ST’s industry-leading SiC device-manufactur­ing capabiliti­es and in-depth expertise with the technology-enabled us to integrate these cutting-edge semiconduc­tors with our advanced manufactur­ing processes, which enhance reliabilit­y, power density, and scalabilit­y to meet the needs of the automotive industry.” Edoardo Merli, Power Transistor Sub-Group General Manager and Executive Vice President of STMicroele­ctronics commented, “In addition to its trans formative effect in e-mobility, our SiC technology, now in its third generation, is driving increased efficiency, performanc­e, and reliabilit­y in sustainabl­e energy and industrial power-control applicatio­ns.” Engineers from ST and Semikron have also cooperated to integrate the advanced STPOWER SiC MOSFETs, which control power switching in the main EV traction inverter, with Semikron’s innovative fully sintered Direct Pressed Die (DPD) assembly process.

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