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Gone Too Soon

We are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our colleague, Zal Cursetji


AMAN OF MANY TALENTS AND ONE OF THE MOST GENUINE PEOPLE TO HAVE GRACED our company, Zal was very energetic, always had a smile on his face, and constantly lifted the spirits of those around him. His humour would find a way to cheer everyone up in just about any situation. It’s now been years that I have known Zal and there never was a dull moment with him around. He might be 39, but had the spirit of a teenager. To me, he was more than a colleague. He was a big brother who always looked out for me and went out of his way to keep me safe on our many adventures together. Zal vouched for me when I applied and, because of him, I was able to showcase my talents at Bike India magazine and believe in myself again. For that, I will forever be in his debt. He always motivated me to do better and helped me see my potential. I have learned so much from him and I will always keep those teachings in mind. I am thoroughly going to miss those rides with him and exploring places while he would enthusiast­ically tell me stories about his past. Whenever he introduced me to new bikers, he would start off by praising me, followed by making fun of all of the immature things I have done. I will never forget his unique personalit­y and the many occasions we had just having a good laugh. His legacy will surely live on in all of the people’s lives he touched. Even though it’s still hard to believe what has happened, I know that you are in a better place now. Rest and ride in peace. You will always have a special place in our hearts. — Azaman Chothia

Surely the life of any party and a bubbly soul altogether. So talented with song, guitar, bike, and fluffing things up to immense proportion­s. I’ll keep my eyes on the road and my feet straight, buddy. Ride in peace. — Jim

A fun-loving person whose world revolved around things he was passionate about. Motorcycle­s were among those passions and I am glad we got to share that during his time at Bike India. Ride in peace, Zal. — Joshua

A great colleague and always the life of a party. He always found time to answer my queries and was a gem of a person. It is a little-known fact that he was loved in the artist and designer community and he shall be missed. — Kurt

Our trips and shoots together are memorable. Always so kind-hearted and humble to each of us. I have enjoyed our adventures and I still wear the Nike sneakers you gave me on our trip to Indore. I miss you, buddy. Rest in peace. — Apurva

Zal, our bundle of joy. A man with a heart of gold. We’ll always miss you. — Glen

I’ll always remember you, Zalu. Rest easy and bask in the heaven’s glory. So long, dear friend. — Saurabh

Zal was a great colleague and an even better friend. He was an absolute joy to

It is very difficult to put your feelings into words when you lose someone very close to you. Dear Zal, you were highly talented and you excelled in whatever you did. The only regret I have is not doing a riding school with you, which was your last question to me: ‘Boss, when are you doing the RE race school?’ Your best quality was that you were a very good human being. Ride in peace, my friend. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. — Aspi Bhathena work with quick quips and well-timed humour both during office hours and outside. He would spread joy wherever he went. — Sahej

Zal was extremely entertaini­ng company. There is no question about his intense passion for motorcycle­s; something we both share. He was deeply loved by so many people and I pray that his family finds a semblance of peace and the strength they so desperatel­y need in this impossible time. Motorcycle­s are inherently dangerous, yet we ride because we love them and the emotions they stir up. But there are no guarantees; stay safe out there. — Anosh

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