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The e-trailers support diesel, gas, electric, and hydrogen-powered tractors. These trailers can be equipped with 300 kWh, 450 kWh, or 600 kWh battery packs as may be desired. It is claimed to extend the range of electric tractors by up to 500 km. This in turn is believed to cut carbon emissions by 20-40 per cent. DB Schenker, a leading logistics provider, signed a co-operation agreement with Trailer Dynamics and the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group on the use of e-trailers in European land transport as a testimony. “Electrific­ation, digitalisa­tion, automation, and de carbonisat­ion are the strategic goals that Krone will achieve with its innovative products – and especially the e-trailer. We are therefore very pleased that we not only share these goals with our long-standing customer DB Schenker; we are also jointly making them a reality with this e-trailer project,” Dr Stefan Binnewies, Chief Executive Officer of Krone Holding is known to have stated. The logistics provider will successive­ly roll out ~ 2,000 units across the EU starting in 2024.

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