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From Sam­sung Galaxy Note III’s idio­syn­cratic leather back to HTC One’s alu­minium uni-body, it is clear that man­u­fac­tur­ers are flaunt­ing their phones’ de­sign to con­sumers. Should de­sign re­ally mat­ter to you?

Per­haps, just per­haps, it should. That may sound blunt and harsh, but a phone’s de­sign is not nec­es­sary for many users. Why? Be­cause, to safe­guard their highly cher­ished phones, many users, es­pe­cially in In­dia, buy ele­phan­tine and notso-pleas­ant-to-the-eye cases to with­stand drops and im­pacts.

Hence, a big bulky case cov­ers the phone and de­feats the pur­pose of a phenom­e­nal de­sign. Those cre­ative de­sign­ers cer­tainly do not like that. How­ever, if you are the type who adores de­sign, doesn’t drop phones, and is not much both­ered about lit­tle scratches, in­vest­ing in de­sign does make sense for the ex­pe­ri­ence’s sake.

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