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i) Shock re­sis­tance: tum­ble test The dura­bil­ity against me­chan­i­cal shocks (fall­ing down, for ex­am­ple) was tested with a tum­bling bar­rel from a fall height of 80 cm with a ro­ta­tion fre­quency of 5 turns per minute (= 10 falls per minute). Af­ter ev­ery 10 turns (20 falls) and 25 turns (= 50 falls), each sam­ple was checked on loose parts (like bat­tery), on vis­i­ble dam­age and on cor­rect per­for­mance (call­ing a num­ber, di­alled with the keys and re­ceiv­ing a call). Scratches of the hous­ing af­ter the tum­ble test are re­ported and rated. All the mod­els tested for shock re­sis­tance showed some scratches but no se­vere dam­age was found in any of the model. ii) Wa­ter re­sis­tance: rain test The GSM phone was switched on and con­nected to a net­work. A rain­ing ap­pli­ance with a min­i­mum of three noz­zles was used to give an even rain dis­tri­bu­tion.

The phone was ly­ing hor­i­zon­tal on a grid 50 cm be­low the rain noz­zles. Ar­ti­fi­cial rain of 5 mm/minute was ap­plied for 5 min­utes with the phone ly­ing on the grid, fol­lowed im­me­di­ately by a func­tion check (mak­ing and re­ceiv­ing a call) on the wet phone. Three days later, while stor­ing the phones in nor­mal lab cli­mate, again a func­tion check (mak­ing and re­ceiv­ing a call) was done, and work­ing of the charg­ing func­tion was checked. Ex­cept Sony Xpe­ria L, all the other mod­els were found func­tion­ing af­ter dry­ing and no dam­age in any part was found. In Sony Xpe­ria L’s loud­speaker, the mi­cro­phone was found dis­torted and not work­ing even af­ter dry­ing.

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