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Stor­age-type wa­ter pu­ri­fier has gen­er­ally two stor­age con­tain­ers: one is the up­per level through which wa­ter stored to be pu­ri­fied and col­lected in the bot­tom container. Ca­pac­ity of up­per and lower con­tain­ers of wa­ter pu­ri­fiers was close to their claimed val­ues.

Rate of fil­tra­tion

It is the quan­tity of pu­ri­fied wa­ter re­leased from the pu­ri­fier in a par­tic­u­lar time pe­riod. The more the fil­tra­tion rate, the higher the out­put of wa­ter from the pu­ri­fier. High­est fil­tra­tion rate was found in Uni­tex, fol­lowed by Kent and Usha Brita; it was low­est in Crys­tal.

Sen­sory panel test

It was con­ducted to judge the sen­sory at­tributes of out­put wa­ter for all the brands. Ex­cept Zero B, all the other brands were quite ac­cept­able.

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