Cri­te­ria for Traf­fic Light La­belling for Food per 100 Grams (gm)

Consumer Voice - - Sweet And Salty Biscuits -

Green (low con­tent)

less than 3 gm

less than 1.5 gm

less than 5 gm

less than 0.3 gm Green: Eat of­ten (de­sir­able)

Am­ber (medium con­tent)

be­tween 3 gm and 20 gm

be­tween 1.5 gm and 5 gm

be­tween 5 gm and 12.5 gm

be­tween 0.3 gm and 1.5 gm Am­ber: Eat oc­ca­sion­ally (neu­tral)

Red (high con­tent)

more than 20 gm

more than 5 gm

more than 12.5 gm

more than 1.5 gm Red: Eat spar­ingly (un­de­sir­able)

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