How to Tell One Honey from the Other (Adul­ter­ated) One

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Here are a few sim­ple tests you can do at home to check if your honey is high-qual­ity and pure, or im­pure and with a high wa­ter con­tent.

Read the la­bel

The first thing you should do be­fore buy­ing a jar of honey is read the la­bel and check that the in­gre­di­ent list doesn’t con­tain ‘high-fruc­tose corn syrup’ or com­mer­cial glu­cose, two ad­di­tives that are fre­quently used to ‘stretch’ the honey and keep it from so­lid­i­fy­ing.

So­lid­i­fi­ca­tion of the honey

All honey is liq­uid, but with time they tend to so­lid­ify, or ‘crys­tal­lize’ into a sub­stance re­sem­bling grains of sugar. If you buy a jar of honey that is al­ready crys­tal­lized, it is pure. If your honey is liq­uid, you can wait a few days to see if it so­lid­i­fies or throw it in the fridge to ac­cel­er­ate the process. If the honey never crys­tal­lizes, there is a high prob­a­bil­ity that it is adul­ter­ated honey.

Some Tricks

Take a ta­ble­spoon of honey and put it in a glass of wa­ter. If the honey dis­solves, then it is not pure. Pure honey should stay to­gether as a solid when sub­merged in wa­ter. Take a bit of honey and mix it with wa­ter. Then place four or five drops of vine­gar into the so­lu­tion. If it turns foamy, the honey might have been adul­ter­ated with gyp­sum. Scoop a bit of honey into a spoon and let it fall from the spoon. Honey with high wa­ter con­tent will fall quickly. Ma­ture honey of good qual­ity will stay on the spoon or fall very slowly. Light a match and try to burn some of the honey. If it lights and burns, then it is pure. Im­pure or lowqual­ity honey of­ten con­tains ex­tra wa­ter that keeps it from burning. If you have io­dine at home, take some honey, mix it with wa­ter, and add a few drops of io­dine. If the so­lu­tion turns blue, then the honey has been adul­ter­ated with some sort of starch or flour. Take a small piece of old, hard bread and sub­merge it in the honey. If, when you re­move it 10 min­utes later, the bread is still hard, then the honey is pure. If there is a lot of wa­ter in the honey, the bread will soften.

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