Nu­tri­ents for Im­mu­nity

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Good nu­tri­tion is es­sen­tial for a strong im­mune sys­tem, which may of­fer pro­tec­tion against sea­sonal



Vi­ta­min A

Rich Food Sources ill­ness such as the flu as well as other health prob­lems in­clud­ing arthri­tis and al­ler­gies. What­ever the sea­son, one is al­ways ad­vised to eat a ‘bal­anced diet’. The con­cept of a bal­anced diet is to try to bal­ance the amount of dif­fer­ent types of foods one eats ev­ery day in or­der to de­rive all the nour­ish­ment the body needs. Here’s a ta­ble that in­forms about the nu­tri­ents that should be in one’s diet. Lean meat, poul­try, eggs, seafood, milk, pulses, beans and peas, soy prod­ucts and un­salted nuts and seeds Or­ange-yel­low fruits and veg­eta­bles such as sweet pota­toes, car­rots and pump­kin; green leafy veg­eta­bles like spinach, methi, sar­son and cho­lai; eggs; foods la­belled vi­ta­min A-for­ti­fied, such as milk Cit­rus fruits such as or­anges, keenu, mosambi, grapefruit and lemon; capsicum; straw­ber­ries; foods for­ti­fied with vi­ta­min C, such as some juices For­ti­fied ce­re­als, sun­flower seeds, al­monds, veg­etable oils, nuts, peanut but­ter, spinach Lean meat, poul­try, seafood, whole grain prod­ucts, beans and nuts Seafood like oysters, lob­sters, crabs and clams, meat, ce­real grains

Protective Role

Part of the body’s de­fence mech­a­nism Keeps skin and tis­sues in mouth, stom­ach, in­testines and re­s­pi­ra­tory sys­tem healthy Stim­u­lates the for­ma­tion an­ti­bod­ies, func­tions as an­tiox­i­dant, wards off colds In­creases the con­cen­tra­tion T-cells and cy­tokines of an Works as an an­tiox­i­dant, neu­tral­izes free rad­i­cals, im­proves im­mune func­tion Helps the im­mune sys­tem work prop­erly, im­proves thy­mus gland func­tion, may help heal wounds In­creases the pro­duc­tion of pro­teins called cy­tokines, which may help the body fight off viruses that cause in­fluenza. Also func­tions as an an­tiox­i­dant


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