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Heavy met­als All brands were checked for the pres­ence of heavy met­als such as lead, ar­senic, cad­mium and mer­cury. No heavy metal was de­tected in any brand.

No afla­toxin was de­tected in any brand.


Pes­ti­cides are sub­stances or a mix­ture of sub­stances in­tended for pre­vent­ing, destroying, re­pelling or mit­i­gat­ing any pest. All chem­i­cal pes­ti­cides are poi­sons and pose long-term dan­ger to the en­vi­ron­ment and hu­mans through their per­sis­tence in na­ture and body tis­sue. Th­ese can be added dur­ing farm­ing but must be ab­sent in the fi­nal prod­uct. None of the above-men­tioned pes­ti­cides was de­tected

in any of the tested brands.

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