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Afla­tox­ins (Afla­toxin B1,B2,G1,G2)

Afla­tox­ins are highly toxic for hu­man and an­i­mal health. Long-term ex­po­sure to afla­toxin has been linked to in­creased in­ci­dence of liver can­cer. Hu­mans are ex­posed to afla­tox­ins by con­sum­ing foods con­tam­i­nated with prod­ucts of fun­gal growth. Aspergillu­s flavus and Aspergillu­s par­a­siti­cus are the moulds that pro­duce afla­toxin. Th­ese fungi can pro­duce their toxic com­pounds on al­most any food that will sup­port growth. Afla­toxin gen­er­ally de­vel­ops due to poor oil-seed stor­age con­di­tions and pres­ence of un­de­sir­able mois­ture in the oil seed.

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