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I ported my mo­bile num­ber from Idea post­paid to Voda­fone post­paid a month ago. Here I have jot­ted down a few points wherein I feel that Voda­fone cus­tomer care mis­guided me. a) I spoke to Voda­fone cus­tomer care about port­ing my Idea post­paid to Voda­fone pre­paid.

But they re­fused say­ing that I had to port it to Voda­fone post­paid first. b) They told me that af­ter port­ing to post­paid I could switch to pre­paid af­ter gen­er­a­tion of first bill. How­ever, now the

Voda­fone store says my num­ber has to be 90 days old to switch to pre­paid. c) The com­pany has got my sur­name wrong. It is SHARMA in all sub­mit­ted proofs but they have reg­is­tered my sur­name

as SRI­VAS­TAV. I re­quest the com­pany to pro­vide me with re­lated doc­u­ments that say I can­not port from Voda­fone post­paid to Voda­fone pre­paid be­fore 90 days. I want them to change my sur­name in their records. Voda­fone care mem­bers mis­guided me at ev­ery point of in­for­ma­tion I sought. I am feel­ing be­trayed. I have also lodged a com­plaint/griev­ance with Depart­ment of Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion, TRAI, and the con­sumer court. Deepak Ku­mar Sharma Firstly, we need to bring this to the no­tice of all read­ers that port­ing in­for­ma­tion is pro­vided on web­sites of all ser­vice providers. The in­for­ma­tion on time frame and modal­i­ties that the cus­tomer care has given you now are ap­pro­pri­ate. How­ever, if you have been mis­guided at some point, Voda­fone must apol­o­gize for the same. Also, we be­lieve that there is a hu­man er­ror on Voda­fone’s part in fil­ing your sur­name. We re­quest the com­pany to cor­rect the same. Also, as you have al­ready lodged a for­mal com­plaint at the con­sumer court, we can as­sure you that if you are in the right, the fo­rum will de­cide in your favour.

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