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fat and 9 per cent for SNF. Verka had the high­est fat con­tent, fol­lowed by Mad­husu­dan and Gokul. Re­liance was found with the high­est SNF, fol­lowed by Parag and Vita. (with­out boil­ing) as th­ese con­tained a high level of to­tal plate count. Three brands – Mad­husu­dan, Re­liance and Vita – met the to­tal plate count re­quire­ment (be­low 30,000 cfu/gram). plant level only. Such re­quire­ment should also be ap­pli­ca­ble at re­tailer level so that con­sumers get a safe prod­uct.

who keep it in deep freezer/re­frig­er­a­tor. urea, formalde­hyde and melamine. No syn­thetic milk traces were found. Oxy­tocin was also not de­tected in any brand.

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