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A sec­tion of re­searches claim that co­conut oil can pro­mote sig­nif­i­cant weight loss. The claim is based on the fact that the oil con­tains medium-chain triglyc­erides (triglyc­erides are the main com­po­nent of di­etary fats and are usu­ally long-chain). Lab re­search has shown that medium-chain triglyc­erides are me­tab­o­lized dif­fer­ently than other fats, with slightly more calo­ries used in the process.

How­ever, like all ed­i­ble oils, co­conut oil is high in calo­ries—about 120 per ta­ble­spoon—and so it will be coun­ter­pro­duc­tive to con­sume large quan­ti­ties in hopes of los­ing weight.

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