Gen­eral Re­quire­ments (as per Food Safety and Stan­dards [Pack­ag­ing and La­belling] Reg­u­la­tions, 2011)

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oth­er­wise pro­vided, namely: the par­tic­u­lars of dec­la­ra­tion re­quired un­der these reg­u­la­tions to be spec­i­fied on the la­bel shall be in English or Hindi in Dev­na­gari script (pro­vided that noth­ing herein con­tained shall pre­vent the use of any other lan­guage in ad­di­tion to the lan­guage re­quired un­der this reg­u­la­tion). false, mis­lead­ing or de­cep­tive, or is likely to cre­ate an er­ro­neous im­pres­sion re­gard­ing its char­ac­ter in any re­spect.

the con­tainer.

nor­mal con­di­tions of pur­chase and use.

la­bel on the con­tainer shall be read­ily leg­i­ble through the outer wrap­per and not ob­scured by it.

La­belling of Prepack­aged Foods

In ad­di­tion to the gen­eral la­belling re­quire­ments , ev­ery pack­age of food shall carry the fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion:

or non-veg­e­tar­ian (green/brown logo)

or packer

im­ported prod­ucts

Nu­tri­tional Re­quire­ments

Nu­tri­tional in­for­ma­tion is the dec­la­ra­tion of the nu­tri­tional com­po­si­tion of the food.

nu­mer­i­cal terms.

‘per 100 ml’ or ‘per serv­ing’ of the food.

the fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion:

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