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Based on the over­all test find­ings, Crem­ica is the top­per. Crem­ica is our choice for ‘value for money’ on the ba­sis of its per­for­mance and cost (Rs 99/90 [MRP/ re­tail price] per 480 gm).

Crem­ica scored high­est on the car­bo­hy­drate pa­ram­e­ter. Crem­ica was found to have the low­est amount of to­tal sugar (45.5 gm/100 gm) and this was close to the de­clared value of 45 gm.

High­est fruc­tose was found in Mapro and low­est in Kis­san. Safal was found to have the high­est amount of su­crose (41.53 gm/100 gm). The low­est lev­els were in Mum’s, Sil, Tops, Easy Maxx, Mapro and Mrs Food Rite. The high­est to­tal sol­u­ble solids (TSS) was found in Sil and Re­liance, and the low­est in Mrs Food Rite.

Mala’s topped in the over­all sen­sory scores, fol­lowed by Crem­ica and Safal. It is clearly re­vealed from prod­ucts’ claims that they con­tain the max­i­mum amount of sugar. Con­sumers are ad­vised to con­sume jam in limited quan­tity depend­ing upon their age.

Mould count and yeast and spores count were within the spec­i­fied limit in all the brands. Toxic met­als such as lead and ar­senic were not de­tected in any of the tested brands. There were slight traces of cop­per and zinc in all the brands. Tin was de­tected in neg­li­gi­ble amount.

No pes­ti­cide residue was de­tected in the tested brands. added in com­bin­ing form. All of th­ese make the ‘to­tal sol­u­ble con­tents’ of a jam. High to­tal sol­u­ble con­tents do not nec­es­sar­ily de­note high fruit pulp since sugar, pectin and other preser­va­tives also in­crease the amount of to­tal sol­u­ble con­tents.

In­dian Stan­dard spec­i­fies that the to­tal sol­u­ble solids (TSS) should be at least 68 per cent of the to­tal weight. FSS Rules, 2011, spec­i­fies a re­quire­ment of not less than 65 per cent. Fruit con­tent should not be less than 45 per cent. Ba­si­cally, it is the fruit con­tent and the qual­ity of the fruit that de­ter­mines the qual­ity of the jam. It is not just fruit con­tent that goes on to make a bot­tle of jam.

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