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By all means, jam–bread is cui­sine of nos­tal­gia. That there must be jam lovers’ com­mu­ni­ties will hardly come as a sur­prise to many of us. In Greece, jams, known as glyko, are eaten by the spoon­ful from bowls, fol­lowed by a drink of wa­ter, then a drink of liqueur. They are del­i­ca­cies that were once con­sid­ered medic­i­nal prepa­ra­tions. If only to re­mind our­selves, jams, pre­serves and mar­malades are based on an­cient tech­niques for pre­serv­ing fruit. The in­ter­ac­tion of the fruit, sugar, acid and pectin in the cor­rect pro­por­tions has long been of pri­mary con­cern. The right bal­ance is what makes the mix­ture gel. But then, is the com­mon gelling agent pectin used within lim­its in com­mer­cially sold jams? What is the ac­tual fruit con­tent in your favourite jam? Does it meet the ba­sic re­quire­ments? What do we know about their acid­ity and how much preser­va­tives do they need? Are there pes­ti­cide residues, or heavy met­als such as ar­senic, lead, cop­per, zinc and tin? What are the chances of mi­cro­bi­o­log­i­cal con­tam­i­na­tion? This re­port is a first­hand study of 13 brands avail­able with var­i­ous re­tail­ers in In­dia and while the high to­tal sugar con­tent of jams should make us wary of con­sum­ing them reg­u­larly, there are key pa­ram­e­ters on which all the brands met the re­quire­ments set out by the na­tional stan­dards.

The com­par­a­tive testing car­ried out in an NABL-ac­cred­ited lab­o­ra­tory was mainly based on the In­dian Stan­dard IS: 5861: 1993 (spec­i­fi­ca­tions for jams, jel­lies and mar­malades) and FSS Rules, 2011. The ob­jec­tive was to as­sess and eval­u­ate the regular/most-sell­ing va­ri­ety/type of jams traded in the re­tail mar­ket in pack­aged con­di­tion. It may be noted that while fruit con­tents quan­tifi­ca­tion method is yet to be es­tab­lished, there are other pa­ram­e­ters that de­ter­mine the qual­ity of a good fruit jam.

Fruit jam is one the pro­cessed foods that is con­sumed by a large chunk of the ur­ban and semi­ur­ban pop­u­la­tion; it is es­ti­mated that the nor­mal one-

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