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skin ir­ri­ta­tion and will cre­ate toxic fumes if ac­ci­den­tally mixed to­gether. which may cause al­gal blooms, or alkylphe­nol ethoxy­lates, in­clud­ing nonylphe­nol and octylphe­nol. (Un­for­tu­nately, these in­gre­di­ents are rarely, if ever, dis­closed on la­bels.) dosage sim­pler for av­er­age-size loads, it's all too easy to in­ad­ver­tently waste the new con­cen­trated prod­ucts by us­ing the same amounts you added of the old prod­ucts. Re­mem­ber to fol­low the di­rec­tions on the pack­ag­ing and ac­tu­ally mea­sure – the best de­ter­gents have clearly marked lines on their fill caps and pic­tures of the ac­tual caps on their in­struc­tions. Soap, un­like de­ter­gents, is made from an­i­mal fat and is an ex­cel­lent cleanser be­cause of its abil­ity to act as an emul­si­fy­ing agent. Be­ing salts of weak acids, soaps get con­verted by min­eral acids into free fatty acids. These fatty acids, hav­ing a lower sol­u­bil­ity, form a pre­cip­i­tate or soap scum, ren­der­ing

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